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Heavenly Ski RentalsHeavenly Ski Rentals

Heavenly Ski Rentals in Lake Tahoe brings you the best ski rental shops in South Lake Tahoe, CA. You just cannot beat Heavenly Ski Rentals for convenient ski rental and snowboard rental packages at competitive prices.


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At Heavenly Ski Rentals we often get asked if it is better to rent or buy your gear.

Renting is often a better option, you get the most current gear and don’t have to haul your own thru the airport and pay all the extra baggage fees associated with travel nowadays.  No storage of gear at home either!  Heavenly Ski Rentals always maintains our gear, tuning each pair of skis every time they come back from a rental.

Ski gear available at Heavenly Ski Rental Shops:

* Ski Rentals with Boots and Poles
* Snowboard Rentals with Boots
* Helmets
* Ski jacket and pants (at some resorts)

Ski Rental Options
Skiers can rent a package or rent items individually. We have Ski Rental Packages for juniors, beginner – intermediate, and intermediate – expert skiers. You can rent a full set of equipment, skis only or boots only. Helmets are available separately.

Snowboard Rental Options:

Snowboarders can rent a package deal with board and boots, or individual items.  Our snowboard Rental Packages are all Premium snowboards.  We do have men’s snowboards, women’s snowboards, and kinds snowboards available .

Helmets are available seperatly.


Ski Rental Pricing
Rental equipment prices vary depending on the type of equipment you are renting, where you are renting from, and how long you are renting it for. Some packages start as low as $20 per day, others can cost $50 or more.

Plan Ahead
Plan ahead and reserve your ski rental equipment in advance, especially during busy holiday weeks and school vacation weeks. That way you’ll know for certain that the equipment you want is available and ready when you arrive to pick it up.

Reserve your Heavenly Ski Rentals online by clicking the Reserve Now button and get 20% off your rental!

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